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  • Rojnuckarin P.; Singhamatr P.; Kanjanapongkul S. (U.S. National Library of Medicine, 2556-09)
    Factor XII is the initiating protein of the intrinsic coagulation pathway. It activates factor X after being activated by the so called 'contact system'. Both congenital factor XII deficiency, usually without bleeding ...
  • Chantharatanapiboon, W. (NLM, 2551-10)
    BACKGROUND: Hemangiomas, one of the most common childhood neoplasms, exhibit a characteristic history of rapid proliferation and slow spontaneous involution. Most of hemangiomas are often managed conversatively, requiring ...
  • Chaloryoo, S.; Chotpitayasunondh, T.; Chiengmai, P. N. (NLM, 2541-07-10)
    Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection is one of the most widespread diseases in the world. By the end of 1995, 800,000 HIV infected persons were suspected in Thailand, although the reported number of symptomatic HIV ...
  • Bunnag, T.; Lochindarat, S.; Srisan, P.; Jetanachai, P. (NLM, 2551-10)
    BACKGROUND: Mycoplasma pneumoniae is one of the most common causes of childhood community-acquired pneumonia (CAP), particularly in school-age children. Information regarding this infection in pre-school age children is ...
  • Bunnag, T.; Kietkajornkul, C. (NLM, 2546-08)
    OBJECTIVE: To compare the outcomes of out-patient antibiotics switch therapy with the treatment provided in the hospital among pediatric urinary tract infection (UTI) cases. MATERIAL AND METHOD: A comparative study was ...

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